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FCAT Express: 10th Grade Reading FCAT Practice
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FCAT Study Guide -
Free study resources and study guides for the 10th-11th grade test to help students be adequately prepared for their examination. There are also numerous study tips under the study resource directory.

Florida's Comprehensive Assessment Test Home
The DOE's home site with information about the FCAT, the testing schedule, and sample questions.

Getsmarter.org is an animated, interactive testing and learning site. Compare your math and science performance against students worldwide. And access learning tools and links to help you "get smarter!"

MDCPS - Education Portal

WASL Reading and Writing Practice
These downloadable files are used to help students prepare for the Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL). They would probably also be helpful for FCAT preparation.

Study Guides and Strategies

Grade 10 FCAT Glencoe

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Study Guide Zone

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National Tests
ACT Information Parents and students can get information about ACT, test dates, interpretation of score reports, or request application packets

SAT and PSAT Information Parents and students can learn about SAT preparation, test dates, scholarships, interpretation of score reports, "My Road" college and career preparation tips, online tutorials, etc.

Advanced Placement Information Parents and students can get information on subject requirements, test dates, ap potential, etc.

National Assessment of
Educational Progress (NAEP)

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