*Learning must be relevant to our students’ lives.
    *Our foremost priority is to inspire our students to become lifelong learners.
    *The process of education should address academics, technical choices, and character development.
    *All students can learn in a clean, safe, secure, productive environment.
    *Students learn in different ways and should be provided with a variety of instructional resources.
    *Each student is valued, respected individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.
    *Teachers, administrators, students, parents, staff, and the community share the responsibility for advancing the school’s mission.

    The mission of Miami Carol City Senior High School is to prepare our learners by providing them with a sound academic and technologically challenging environment. With the active involvement of our parents, students, and community stakeholders in the educational process, we will assist our students in developing the skills necessary for success in the ever-changing diverse world. It is our profound desire to enable all learners to become confident, critical thinkers who are productive and socially conscious members of society, as well as globally aware independent citizens.
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